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Branding and digital for Entrepreneurs

The digital brand guide

Written by Hakim Amir

A digital guide to help you make better branding decisions for yourself, your business or your product.

The digital brand guide book consist of 3 parts, the chapters in are provided with a video meant to help entrepeneurs all over the world understand branding in a comprehensive, easy and fast way.

Created for entrepreneurs that want to build world class brands.

1. Brand strategy
Without strategy, execution is aimless.

This part is all about understanding business, marketing and brand strategies that win and how you can align all 3 to reach your goals effectively.

2. Brand Design
Without execution, strategy is useless.

This part is about understanding the ‘look and feel’ but also about implementing your strategy and working together with a designer or agency.

3. Digital
Digital experience worth having and sharing

Once you have branded your business properly, it is important that you are able to create a solid digital experience that is in line with your brand.

Creative director
With Hakim Amir

Hakim Amir is talking about what a creative director does and everything he thinks about when working for a project and with clients.

He explains experience design and why this is important.

Filmposter design
With Hakim Amir

Hakim Amir is talking about a poster redesign.

He explains the process behind the creation of the poster.

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