What we did

MSI wanted to showcase more about their work environment to attract new talents. What better way is there showcase that than to interview the talents currently working at MSI? That is exactly what we did, we created a branding video completely focussed on the employees and their experience, instead of showing you how great it is, with smileys etc... They tell you why it is great and what they like about their job.


Directed by:
Hakim Amir

Camera operator:
Nima Ameli

Jeffrey Dekkers, Marketing and communication officer
Vincent caeyers, B2B accountmanager
Linlin Zhou. Nordics account manager
Thibault vrancken. Nordics marketeer

‘The cooperation with Vaurelion was a great experience, they were very flexible, hard working and most importantly they were striving for the best quality. Even after the production days were over, Vaurelion kept assisting us in the post-production. Overall it was an amazing experience!’

Jeffrey Dekkers