Produced and written by

Tessa van der Gun

Directed by

Hakim Amir




Directors of Photography

Dave Burger | Farshad Rasa

fight choreographer

Roland Gotjé

Assistant director

Tessa van der Gun

Camera operators

Dave Burger | Hakim Amir | Veronique Zonneveld

Gaffer & boom operator

Menno van Ginkel

Editor & colorist

Hakim Amir

VFX make-up Artist

Ashley Koridon


Farshad Rasa | Ali Amigh | Trey Anderson

Production assistent

Mrs. van der Gun


Mr. van der Gun


Hyuna is a tough, egocentric woman who has anger management issues unlike her friend Derk who is timid, way too kind and lacks the needed spice to survive in this day and age. Despite their contradicting personalities they also have a lot in common: both are living in an environment that they want to escape from. In Derk’s case it’s an environment linked to criminality and pressure to follow up his dad who is an infamous gangleader. As for Hyuna that environment is one of abuse, her dad mistreats her mother and even uses physical violence against her and Hyuna. While Derk is determined to proof to his dad that he is worthy enough to become the next leader of the gang, Hyuna is sick of waiting and takes action in order to protect her mother and escape from her dad. Derk and Hyuna support each other but what Hyuna doesn’t know is that he is keeping secrets from her which will lead to very unfortunate events..

Derk encourages Hyuna to approach her good friend Logan who is also a gangleader for a paid task. Logan makes an appealing proposal offering her money she can use to move out of the house with her mother and a chance to take revenge on her dad. She decides to agree with his proposal and in the most crucial moment they get confronted with their weaknesses. One of them overcomes it, the other one doesn’t.

Character descriptions

and cast

Hyuna 20

Played by Yuna Gooijer

An egocentric woman who is tough and fierce. Her biggest fear is that one day she can’t control her anger anymore and hurts the people she loves most just like her dad.

Hyuna’s mother 43

Played by Erika Luijendijk

is conservative and doesn't know how to communicate with her daughter at all. She bottles up her emotions and pretends that she's alright while in reality she isn't. She loves her daughter a lot and feels apologetic towards her for not being able to protect her because of money and lacking the needed courage to do something about it. She is scared that it’ll just make the situation worse.

Willem/Hyuna’s dad 46

Played by Hans Dekker

is the owner of the warehouse Logan’s gang infiltrates. Due to schizophrenia that has gotten a lot worse in the past few years he started to abuse his daughter and wife, slowly losing himself to the point of losing himself completely when his wife takes out divorce papers...

Derk 18

Played by Samuel Spithorst

is the opposite of manly, he is timid, empatic and gets attached to people quickly. He is also a pacifist looking for ways on how to survive in the violent environment he grew up in. Determined to proof to his dad that he can follow him up and get recognized by him he tries his best but it isn’t easy for him.

Derk's dad 43

Played by Geert Dekkers

looks down on his son. He forces him to help him with his criminal business in the hope that Derk as his only son can take over his position within the gang as the leader.

Logan 25

Played by Martijm Scherff

a gangleader with a strong presence. He is trustworthy en reliable. He acts casual most of the time except for situations in which his gangmembers and friends need a leader. He gets a lot of respect from other people and many admire him.

Doc 20

Played by Eva de Wit

An intelligant, nerdy woman who has social anxiety. she studies to become a vet and helps out at Logan's headquarters every now and then as a nurse.

Drifter 20

Played by Omar Elshershaby

an energetic, cheery man with a passion for cars and racing. He always has something with him related to racing and cars such as badges on his T-shirt or a helmet he carries with him.

An emotional short film

about 20 minutes

filled with action