What we did

For the award-winning short film production The collector by We Can Do It productions, we did the title design. The collector has 2 different title's because we wanted to show the evolution of the story in the title. The opening title is the red blood stained title, which you would expect from a horror. Later in the short, we see that the story is also about a metallic cube with demonic signs, we have put these demonic signs on the end title with a metallic touch. With that the title evolves with the story.

*All Title and text designed by Vaurelion - Poster design by DF Design

‘It was great working with Vaurelion for the title design of our short film production 'The collector'. They were fast and flexible, when we asked for small redo's, they were happy to help.’

Roos Jeroense
We can do it Productions