About Rinance Capital

Rinance capital is an information platform that originated from the lack of understandability of the cryptocurrency markets.

What we have done

We did the branding & we designed and programmed a mobile-compatible website and webapp for Android and IOS that looks chique, professional, simplistic and fits with the brand of Rinance Capital. We also created media for the instagram page of Rinance Capital and designed a businescard.

Status of project

ONLINE(Click here to go to website)

Website rinance capital

Creating the brand

We sat together with Rinance Capital to understand what their wishes were and who their target audience is, so we can start the brainstorming. After the brainstorm it became clear Rinance Capital wanted to look professional, chique and trustworthy.


We chose 2 shades of black to produce a serious tone when combined with white. Together with a dark touch of green, green is often linked with positivity, this ensured 3 beautiful colors that matched with Rinance Capital.

colors rinance capital


We chose a serif font for the header, this gives a chique and professional look when used right and a sans-serif for the paragraphs so it's easy to read even on smaller screens

fonts rinance capital

Logo Design

For the logo we wanted something simple, serious and professional. we used a serif font for the logo. we devided Rinance from Capital and put a line in between to create more structure, balance and peace in the logo.

logo development rinance capital
brand rinance capital


We designed and programmed a completely custom website, that is scalable.

With the brand guidelines we created before, we designed the website, keeping it simple, easy to use and transparant so users can easily find the content they were searching for. The website is designed to look minimalistic, calm and structured without losing it's funtionality.

The Breakdown

The Menu

A minimalistic and modern menu, on the left: navigation, on the center: the logo and on the right: the social media. By creating a search function that is always on screens(except mobiles), the audience can easily find the article they are searching for without waisting time.

The pages

On every page of the website you can reach all other pages. Articles are easily readable by the fonts and spacing around them, giving for a calm look and feel. Under each article, there is a comment section for questions or a discussion and other articles the audience might be interested in.

Mobile compatible

The target audience of Rinance Capital is expected to mainly use smartphones so it had to be readable and look great on smaller screens.

Design with purpose

Rinance capital will be active on social media(mainly Instagram & Telegram). Both social media platform are mainly mobile platforms, therefore the website was carefully designed to be easily navigated on mobile as most mobile users have a short (attention) time to spend navigating through the website.

webdesign read rinance capital

‘They did a fantastic job, communication between us went very well and they were very transparent, they said exactly what they were planning to do. They explained the positive and the negative sides of each choice to us so we could make a responsible decision.’

Rinance Capital