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Brand strategy

Before the designing starts, there needs to be a clear goal to achieve, a clear target audience to connect with, a clear impression the brand and/or company wants to give. Without clarity the design will just look pretty, achieve no goal or ROI. Vaurelion helps brands and companies find their voice, achieve clarity and develop a brand strategy so a return on investment can be realised and realistic goals can be set and achieved and make a real difference!

We give clarity, help companies get a ROI and create strong brands

Brand design

Each part of the brand creates an impression and is a clue that tells the viewers what to expect. So it is no understatement if we say that it is extremely important to get this right! With a great brand you can bind customers to your company! Vaurelion is all about achieving results through design, we translate the brand strategy to an amazing brand and web design.

We design visual identities that connects with the target audience

UX web design

With a clear brand strategy a website can be designed that is in line with the goals, because the ux web design is geared to the target audience, they have a smooth web experience, with less bounce rates and a higher conversion rate as a result.

We create smooth online interactions and experiences worth remembering




Vaurelion was founded with the purpose of helping medium to big brands and companies create amazing experiences through branding and web design and in the process give them a competitive edge. We use brand strategy, brand design and web design as tools to solve your problems. We focus on how these tools can make you a return, not just to be pretty but to have an actual impact and result that really makes a difference!

Quality | Impact | Result

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