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We design breathtaking world-class experiences worth having and sharing!

Vaurelion is an entertainment and production company based in Holland.

We create

short and feature length motion pictures

High concept movies with thought provoking stories, mostly told with the non-linear and thrilling style of director Hakim Amir to create breath taking experiences in the genres mystery, thriller, action, horror, drama.

We work directly

for brands and companies, creating cinematic videos.

Strategy + concept + film production

We support

film productions with their visual expression.

(Conceptual) art work like movie posters, title design etc. + digital like website, presskit etc. + color grade

Calypso's Covenant



Captain Adamari was leading his crew to a sea battle when suddenly, his own Atlantian allies turned against him. Amidst the battle's roar, a boulders' shockwave sent him plunging into the ocean's depths. As the sea nearly claimed him, a mermaid named Calypso rescued him.

As he grappled with betrayal, Adamari discovered he could bend water to his will, offering him a glimmer of hope to reunite with his family. However, as he attempted to uncover the truth of the betrayal and find his way back, the mermaid Calypso,  confronted him with disturbing truths, each one heavier than the last...

Day Zero



When Amicia, a beloved figure in Frysia, vanishes without a trace, the case falls into the hands of Detective Abner. As he delves deeper into the investigation, he crosses paths with her missing enigmatic friend, unraveling layers of their interconnected pasts. Through this journey, Abner is confronted with shocking truths, challenging his perceptions of guilt, justice, and the nature of power in a reality where nothing is as it seems..

Phoenix of Frysia



Lise's dream of exploring beyond her small Frysian town is overshadowed by Britannia's tight control over Frysia. Yet, a ray of hope shines through when her brother, boldly ignoring the strict rules, takes her on a journey to the city she's longed to see.

This simple adventure soon transforms into a series of unexpected and dramatic events, thrusting Lise into a world far more complex and dangerous than she ever imagined. As she uncovers the stark realities of Britannia's firm hold, Lise finds herself at the center of a growing uprising, with her decisions potentially shaping the future of Frysia.

Al Millennium: Experiment



Axel, a self taught programmer and hacker is recruited to join team Erwin on a special mission to retrieve the Al Millennium. When the mission goes horribly wrong, Axel is blamed for the death of two team members. As a result, he now believes he is seen as a burden by all those around him.

When team Erwin rendezvous at a mysterious school building, Axel gets a Déjà vu and vision. While trying to escape authority by laying low, odd events arise. They witness the death of another team member, making them suspect that the greater threat might be from within. Axel is determined to find the traitor to prove his worth to Lara and the team, however the search leads him to a bitter truth he is unable to accept.

About us

Vaurelion is a family of talented individuals obsessed with (re)creating breathtaking visual experiences to positively impact people and brands. Our work always follows a unique strategy because of our fresh perspective and creative approach to storytelling and film making.

Exceptional quality

World class quality in process, collaboration and end-product.

Unfaltering integrity

Creating honest, open and fair environment so we can shine.

Innovative promethean

Exploring new possibilities with and for our partners.

Unshakeable passion

Only doing the things we love to do and are good at.

Hakim Amir


Designs cinematic audiovisual experiences, specialized in thrillers with an eye for cinematography and non-linear storytelling.

Exsto services

‘I have worked with Vaurelion several times and time and again Hakim knows how to amaze me with his creativity. He is open to everything and is always very enthusiastic when I have a project for him. All in all, a pleasure to work with.’

Armin Kožar

Dutch dragons entertainment

Worked with great satisfaction in my film production “Pin Code Terror”. The film posters have also become very beautiful. Talented company with a lot of potential. Keep it up and see you again soon!’

Roland Gotjé

We can do it Productions

It was great working with Vaurelion for the title design of our short film production ‘The collector’. They were fast and flexible, when we asked for small redo’s, they were happy to help.’

Roos Jeroense
Award winning producer


The cooperation with Vaurelion was a great experience, they were very flexible, hard working and most importantly they were striving for the best quality. Even after the production days were over, Vaurelion kept assisting us in the post-production. Overall it was an amazing experience!’

Jeffrey dekkers
Marketing and Communication Officer

Multiple productions

Martijm scherff
Creator & Actor

Rinance Capital

They did a fantastic job, communication between us went very well and they were very transparent, they said exactly what they were planning to do. They explained the positive and the negative sides of each choice to us so we could make a responsible decision.’

Brian Briceno
Founder and owner

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