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After a failed heist for the Al Millennium, team Erwin rendezvous at a mysterious building to escape the authority, however after odd events they soon realize that a greater threat might be from within.

Film production

Al Millennium Experiment is a thriller that opens with a Hook, flows into a mystery, raises a lot of questions early on. Then like Oscar winner Parasite thrills the audience with a mindbending midpoint reversal that twist and turns and evolves the movie to a sci-fi journey to create an unforgettable breathtaking experience.

Mystery sci-fi thriller feature film

The storytelling and experience design

The first installment of the Al Millennium filmseries in the Vaurelion universe starts with Experiment


Axel, a self taught programmer and hacker is recruited to join team Erwin on a special mission to retrieve the Al Millennium. When the mission goes horribly wrong, Axel is blamed for the death of two team members. As a result, he now believes he is seen as a burden by all those around him.

When team Erwin rendezvous at a mysterious school building, Axel gets a Déjà vu and vision. While trying to escape authority by laying low, odd events arise. They witness the death of another team member, making them suspect that the greater threat might be from within. Axel is determined to find the traitor to prove his worth to Lara and the team, however the search leads him to a bitter truth he is unable to accept.


Al Millennium Experiment follows the origin story of

Axel de Jong

Main character and tech genious of the group

Axel is a smart young man, he thought himself robust IT skills and is able to program and hack on a toplevel. Unfortunately due to his heritage and him being a Frysian. He is unable to qualify for a job and yet he kept trying to get one, to eventually marry Lara, who has changed his life forever.


Jacky Adamaris

secondary main character

Jackie is intelligent, highly competent(IT) and empathetic. Her ability to quickly assess a situation from multiple perspectives and understand people make her a strong tactician, however her willingness to prove herself worthy to her father and restore the family name so badly may prove to become a weakness.


Hakim Amir


I have worked 6 years now on the ‘Al Millennium’ universe. The first installment ‘experiment’ was written strategically to create a unique engaging experience where I could leverage all my creativity, resources and knowledge to introduce the world of Al Millennium with a banger.

Basic public information

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Al Millennium Quote:

‘Power and freedom create illusions and lack of it reveals the truth.’

– Jamy

Movie themes

Love • Death • Sacrifice • Good vs. Evil

The movies question and core

‘If you can’t defeat evil by being good or doing something good, do you then become evil to defeat evil? Or do you take the high road and let evil exist? Is remaining a good person, not evil in itself because you let evil exist?’

Hint: It’s not just what it says but also what it does that is at the core of the experience of this movie.

Why invest in this movie?

I love movies that have unique concepts, because they are not (most of the time) only interesting and entertaining, but they also let you think out of the box. Concepts only can make a movie great, for example coherence(2013) a low budget movie that has become popular solely because of its unique concept, it now stands side by side with big budget movies. The movie has awful cinematography and a repetitive small location, but it was the concept that made it popular and highly enjoyable for so many, especially the ending that made it worth watching and made it highly shareable. I believe we can replicate and exceed their success with Al Millennium Experiment!


3 locations in


Written to be made with a
Micro/low Budget

Created for
International market

Shot anamorphic on
Ursa mini G2

Mastered in 7.1  by
Anillusion studio

Made by a talented cast and crew with
Love for experience design, storytelling and filmmaking

Key Figures

Roland Gotje

Producer/fight choreographer

Mickey Visser


Milan van Aagten

Protagonist: Axel de Jong

Jeremiah Flemming

Antagonist: Dr. Boaz


Main cast

Axel de jong • Milan van Aagten(Imdb)

Lara Smit • Casting

Jackie Adamaris • Lizzy van Gelder

Jamy • Jeremiah Fleming(Imdb)

Viktor • Niels Nijsmans(Imdb)

Jess • Nelly Kolody

Dred • Daniel Maliy

Silvia • Jennifer McKinley(Imdb)

Dave • Casting

Erwin • Casting

Quinn • Cillian Ó’Síocháin(imdb)

Alken • Guilio Janssen

Other cast

STAR agent • Roland Gotje(Imdb)

Zaheer • Ramzy Amir

Asteria • Sam Post


Main crew

Writer, director & producer • Hakim Amir

Producer • Roland Gotje

Cinematographer • Mickey Visser(Imdb)

Production manager • Open

Sound recordist • Edwin de Baat

Action director • Roland Gotje

Art director • Lizzy van der gelder

1st AD •  Rachel Wan

2nd AD • Announced soon

Post producer • Wouter van Gestel(Imdb)

Editor & Colorist • Hakim Amir

Composer • Sander de Gans

Vocalist • Eveline Ypma

Sound design • Hakim Amir

Sound design & Mastering • Edwin de Baat

Other crew

1st AD •  Rachel Wan

2nd AD • Announced soon

Art dep. Assistant • Zoe Verheul

MUAH • Announced soon

Fight, stunt & weapons • Roland Gotje

Stunt & weapons • Chimela Okoro

Stunt rigger • Ruth Juursema

Stunt rigger • Roelant Radier

Stunt rigger • Robert Rosier

Visual effects • Wouter van Gestel

Editor • Dagmara kucinska(talking)

Assistant Editor • Parisa Zandbaf

Sound Mixer • Wouter van Gestel

Sound design & Foley • John Hodes

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