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Hakim Amir

Film director

Designs cinematic audiovisual experiences, specialized in thrillers with an eye for cinematography and non-linear storytelling.

Hakim Amir

Primary role: film director
Secundairy roles: director of photography | colorist

Age : 25
Place: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Started filmmaking in: 2010
Loves movies with: Paradoxes | timeloops | Thought provoking themes

Specialized genre: thriller
Secundairy genre: mystery | sci-fi | action | drama

Storytelling: non-linear | subvert expectations | strong midpoint turns | tragedies
Visual: cinematic | shallow dof | powerful use of color| anamorphic

About me

I don’t just want to make movies, I NEED to make them. I have always been fascinated by movies, how they can make us forget everything, feel emotions and attachements for fictional characters and impact us for ever.

I want to make movies that engage the audience, not only showing spectacle but also exposing them to thought-provoking themes. I like smart movies, it forces the audience to actively think and therefore makes them part of the movie.

‘I want to create captivating cinematic experiences that hooks the audience, holds their attention and exceeds their expectations so they can forget about their daily struggles, be immersed and entertained.’

Hakim Amir, Film director

My vision

I love to continuously raise questions in the mind of my audience while I answer the previous ones at the same time.



I am always in control of the visuals, I create the cinematic look through the use of light, framing, cameraposition, set design and use of color.

Zack snyder is my visual rolemodel. 


For me directing starts with the script(story and storytelling). The story concept has to be interesting for example by adding a sci-fi element to it that can consistently break audience expectations. It has to be told in a way that feels exciting by for example breaking story tropes or unwritten rules. Each page must turn, every minute must hold the attention and at the end of it, it must be a meaningful journey that hopefully teaches a lesson.

About my workstyle

I am a hands-on filmmaker that knows exactly what he want and how to achieve it efficiently.


The reason why I am a hands-on filmmaker is because I have been through all positions in the filmmaking process. This grants me the ability to precisely strategize the best road to my goal and of course prematurely solve problems before they happen.


I always try to guide my cast to their best performance by being like a cheerleader for them. I love a cast that really makes the characters their own, that’s why I encourage writers and actors to talk to each other about the characters.  The way I always try to communicate with the cast is to explain what I believe is happening, so my actors can create the emotions from within. Another thing that I find extremely important is what kind of energy shift we are having in the scene.  


I believe the director can make or break a team, a director should always try to facilitate and empathize with his team to get the best results. I have worked in various positions and am always connecting and learning about what all the different professionals go through so I can direct them properly.

Project Type Release date Function Important professionals/companies
Al Millennium - Experiment(Website) Feature 2023 Writer/director and co-producer Check the website for information
Al Millennium opening(Website) Animated opening 2022 graphic/title designer, (creative) director and producer Sander de Gans(Composer) and Eveline Ypma(vocalist)
Koffie verkeerd Short 2022 Colorist Kooshin M. Hussein(Director), John Li(Camera), Rychto Lawalata(Editor)
Terreur(work title) Pilot 2022 Director of photography Darius Musa(director) and Vincent Kreuze(producer)
Bose(Video) & Fitbit(Video) Unboxing 2021 presentor Produced by: BCC, Bose & Fitbit
Nike(Video) Spec ad 2021 Writer/director, cinematographer & Colorist Jordi Jansen(Writer) and Starring: Ramzy Amir & Mohammed Jhilen
Bobbi - L'homme de fer(Video) Music video 2020 Director, editor and colorist margeriet planting(artist), Charissa(producer) and Mickey(DOP), Kyele(1st AC) and Michelle(2nd AC), Roos(Art-director), Lydia(MUA) and Eleonora(PA)
Cast: Laura and Mishael
Lost short 2019 Director of photography and colorist Sonja Da Graca(writer/producer), Darius musa(producer) and Angela Zandbergen(director)
camera and light departement: Wim de Jong(Gaffer), Tristan van doorn(Camera) and Dave Burger(Focus puller)
Miasma short 2019 Offline editor and assistant colorist Heads up productions and anillusion(post-production)
Rood woud Short 2019 Colorist Dylan Geurts(director) and Jerom de Roos(producer)
Twilight garden(IMDb) Short 2019 co-Director and colorist Roland Gotje(Director/producer)
MSI®(Video) Brand video 2019 Director and Colorist Vaurelion.com(produced by)
Crista21 Short 2019 Director and writer Tessa van der Gun(producer)
Caged(IMDb) Short 2019 Director, colorist and trailer-editor Tessa van der Gun(writer/producer)
The making of dutch dragons(Video) BTS short 2019 director, colorist and editor Roland Gotje(produced by)
Pin code terror R18(IMDb/Video) Short and Promo 2019 Co-director and colorist Roland Gotje(Director/producer)
NVIFF awards and interviews Amsterdam film festival 2019 Camera operator
Hemelrijken Television movie 2020 Production assistant Floor Onrust(producer) and Stanley Kolk(director)
The collector(IMDb/Design page) Short 2019 Title designer Roos Jeroense(producer) and Siar Sedig(director)
A short scene, an exercise Short 2019 Colorist Erik Ros(producer) and Frank Hartman(writer/director)
Geniesis(IMDb) Short 2018 Colorist and Actor Martijm scherff(writer/producer) and Bertin van Vliet(writer)
Vaurelion Short and website video 2018 Director and colorist Vaurelion.com(produced by) and Farshad Rasa(DOP)
Stages Short 2017 Director of photography Darius Musa(director)
Horizon Zero Dawn - E3 2016(Video) Short documentaire 2016 Camera operator(on Dave Gomes) Farshad Rasa(Cinematographer) and Guerrilla games(produced by)
leukemie explainer video 2016 Co-creator(writer/director/editor) Onab al hassan(Co-creater/writer)
Stichting gezondheid Online Cursus and dvd 2014 Editor and 1st Camera assistant Jelle Klokman(dop)

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