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Film production:

Al Millennium Experiment is a thriller that opens with a Hook, flows into a mystery, raises a lot of questions early on. Then like Oscar winner Parasite thrills the audience with a mindbending midpoint reversal that twist and turns and evolves the movie to a sci-fi journey to create an unforgettable breathtaking experience.

Mystery sci-fi thriller english feature film

The first instalment of the Al Millennium universe starts with Experiment


When after a heist, the Special unit Erwin arrives at a school building to use it as a shelter and infiltrate until they can safely leave the country, they discover that the ‘Al Millennium’ is missing. Having to both cope with that loss and the death of their leader. one of them is found dead, they suspect one of their own to be a traitor. Can they neutralize the traitor before the Guardians and their S.T.A.R unit reaches the school?


Hakim Amir


I have worked 4 years now on the ‘Al Millennium’ universe. The first installment ‘experiment’ was written strategically to create a unique engaging experience where I could leverage all my creativity, resources and knowledge to introduce the world of Al Millennium with a banger.

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Main theme:

There is no good and evil, just perspective.

Why invest in this movie?

I love movies that have unique concepts, because they are not (most of the time) only interesting and entertaining, but they also let you think out of the box. Concepts only can make a movie great, for example coherence(2013) a low budget movie that has become popular solely because of it’s unique concept, it now stands side by side with big budget movies. The movie has awful cinematography and a repetitive small location but it was the concept that made it popular and highly enjoyable for so many, especially the ending that made it worth watching and made it highly shareable. I believe we can replicate and exceed their success with Al Millennium Experiment!

Key Figures

Mickey Visser


Tessa v/d gun

Production leader

Roland Gotje

Advisor/fight choreographer

Samual spithorst

Main Role: Axel

Cast and crew




Jeremiah Flemming






Nelly Kolody



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