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 was founded with the purpose of helping innovative medium to big brands and companies grow to world class level and create breathtaking experiences.


is to partner up with

with the most talented brands and companies on the globe

in an open and honest environment, so we can help them

overcome challenges and grow to world class level.



To positively impact brands and companies by helping them design breathtaking experiences and strategically brand for succes.


We partner up with our clients to learn about their strengths, weaknesses, mission, vision and values.


All in order to help them clarify their identity, market positioning and target audience, so we can design experiences for results.


We believe strategy should determine how experiences are designed and that it is the only way to achieve real measurable results and have a lasting positive impact.

Vaurelion is a flex strategy production company based in Holland.

Brand Strategy + Experience Design = lasting positive impact


Exceptional quality

World class quality in process, collaboration and end-product.

unfaltering integrity

Creating honest, open and fair environment so we can shine.

Innovative promethean

Creating new digital solutions with and for our partners.

Unshakeable passion

Only doing the things we love to do and are good at.


Meet Hakim amir

Creative director and designer

Has been involved in multimedia design for over 10 years now. Loves to strategically tackle creative assignments and achieve business goals through branding, web design and video. He is a visiting lecturer for schools and universities. In his spare time, he likes to watch and learn from the very best through film, series, books and master classes.

Exsto services

‘I have worked with Vaurelion several times and time and again Hakim knows how to amaze me with his creativity. He is open to everything and is always very enthusiastic when I have a project for him. All in all, a pleasure to work with.’

Armin Kožar

Dutch dragons entertainment

Worked with great satisfaction in my film production “Pin Code Terror”. The film posters have also become very beautiful. Talented company with a lot of potential. Keep it up and see you again soon!’

Roland Gotjé

We can do it Productions

It was great working with Vaurelion for the title design of our short film production ‘The collector’. They were fast and flexible, when we asked for small redo’s, they were happy to help.’

Roos Jeroense
Award winning producer


The cooperation with Vaurelion was a great experience, they were very flexible, hard working and most importantly they were striving for the best quality. Even after the production days were over, Vaurelion kept assisting us in the post-production. Overall it was an amazing experience!’

Jeffrey dekkers
Marketing and Communication Officer

Rinance Capital

They did a fantastic job, communication between us went very well and they were very transparent, they said exactly what they were planning to do. They explained the positive and the negative sides of each choice to us so we could make a responsible decision.’

Brian Briceno
Founder and owner
Why are you a 'flex' agency

Flex means that the number of employees are kept at a minimum so specialized freelancers and agencies can be hired.

In short: By being a flex agency, we can provide unbiased consultancy and the highest quality of work.

Most agencies have a number of general and specialized employees with a flexible specialized freelancers shield around them. Employees force the agency to find consistent work for them, sometimes this results into making decision that are not beneficial for the clients but for the agency.

Example: Client A has a discovery session with with agency Z, agency Z then concludes that the biggest Return on invest can be achieved through the creation of a new website that gives a better branded experience.

But because agency Z has graphic designers, they will also suggest to completely rebrand so they can keep their graphic designers busy. We think this is bad business and results into a lower efficiency, by being a ‘flex’ agency, we can give unbiased consultancy and deliver world class quality work.

Why should I hire an agency instead of a freelancer?

In short: an agency garantees a certain quality, process and creative direction while with a freelancer you have to do all of that yourself.

Managing and creatively directing freelancers cost a lot of time. Aligning every freelancer to create a cohesive and effective overall brand experience also takes strategic knowlegde and multiple skills and experiences.

Most smaller businesses do it this way, once they have the budget they then hire an agency.

However here is the paradox; how will you do all of this if you haven’t mastered the art yourself? If you are able to do the quality check, creative directing and managing, aren’t you then able to create it yourself?

When should I contact vaurelion?
  • When you want to strategically use video to reach you target audience.
  • When your brand is ready for the next step(grow to national or international level).
  • When your brand doesn’t connect with clients.
  • When your brand doesn’t fit with who you and your employees are.
  • When you have outgrown your brand and visuals.
  • When you see opportunity to grow your brand.
  • When you face experience problems with your current website.
What should my budget be?

Your budget should typically be between 15-25% of the targeted revenue to ensure it can be achieved. Don’t worry if you don’t know what the targeted revenue is, that’s what our discovery session is for.

Do you work with other agencies?

We work for and with other agencies for their expertises and offer our expertise.

Ready to work together?

We will answer as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us for all your questions, we love to help!


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