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Discovery and brand strategy 

Helping you clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your target audience, develop your story and strategically build your identity to give you a competitive advantage and connect your customers to your brand.

A powerfull brand stands out in a competitive and crowded marketplace. People fall in love with brands they resonate with, feel proud to be part of, have trust in them and believe in their superiority. Every customer aspires to be something greater, they have a vision. The best brand understand this and help their customers bridge that gap.

Phase one of any project


A comprehensive understanding is crucial to effective strategy

Behind every succesfull project there is a smart and effective strategy. But to make intelligent decisions you need a comprehensive understanding of all the intrinsic elements. Through the discovery sessions we can get those key insights that makes the difference between a winning and mediocre strategy.


The first step in strategy is

gaining insight.



Branding starts with


Together with our clients, we are learning about their strengths, weaknesses, mission, vision and values. In order to understand their current position on the marketplace.



Analyzing the


Analyzing direct and indirect competitors, learning about their strength, weaknesses and position in order to discover opportunities.



Understanding the target


Getting better understanding and insight into the real needs and goals of the target audience in order to better serve them, create memorable experiences and exceed their expectations

An actionplan to win!

Brand strategy

An effective and powerfull strategy deflects competitors

Once the key insights have been gathered a smart and effective strategy can be developed to efficiently use resources, focus on effective methods and solutions, leverage strength, avoid weaknesses and make intelligent decisions to get real results, so you can achieve goals, grow your business and win!

Brand strategy

Making inteligent decisions to have a

Competitive edge.



Claiming an advantagious


Through the analysis of the competitive landscape we can claim a unique and unrivalled position where competitors will not be able to compete as effective. 



clarifying the brand


Once the advantagious position has been claimed we need to create and clarify guidelines. attributes, core values, mission, vision, story; identity that will align everyone and everything to amplifies differentiation and attract the target audience.



Using connective


By understanding the (target) audiences deeper needs and wants, we can communicate in a language that they not only understand but also speaks to their heart and soul.



Choosing effective brand


By gaining understanding of the (target) audience we can now choose the most effective touchpoints that will yield the biggest return on invest and create the best branded experiences.





Management of all assest is crucial for the succes of the brand. The plan on how to keep it consistently on point is part of the brand strategy. Throught thoughtful leadership, a shared understanding of core purpose and brand fundamentals, every element will keep it’s effectiveness and power.



resulting in beautifull brand identity design

Designing to connect and inspire people.

Each part of the brand creates an impression and is a clue that tells the viewers what to expect. Branding is about showing who you are and what you stand for visually and attracting your target audience. With a great brand you can bind customers to your company! Vaurelion is all about achieving results through design, we translate the brand and creative strategy to an inspiring brand design.


web design

creating smooth impactfull experiences worth having and sharing.

With a clear understanding of the target audience through the brand strategy, a website can be designed that is in line with both your goals and the goals of the target audience. Because the ux web design is geared to the target audience, they have a smooth web experience, with less bounce rates and a higher conversion rate as a result. With a the strategy in place, we can design meaningfull onine experiences for your target audience.

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