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Carefully creating smooth experiences worth having

With a clear understanding of the target audience through the brand strategy, a website can be designed that is in line with both your goals and the goals of the target audience. Because the ux web design is geared to the target audience, they have a smooth web experience, with less bounce rates and a higher conversion rate as a result. With a the strategy in place, we can design meaningfull onine experiences for your target audience.


Web design

Desiging breath taking experiences is a process

Designing a digital experience requires a lot of insight, by first understanding the target audience trought the brand strategy and discovery session, we can know their expectations and instead of giving them what the expect… We surprise them with a better, smoother, frictionless and breathtaking experience.

Web design

There are 3 responses to an experience, yes, no and wow… 

We aim for WOW!

Web design starts with


We create good design starting with insight and the creation of strategy to make interactions meaningfull and to solve problems. It’s also about deciding what the user experience is going to be so goals can be reached.

Creating the sitemap and

Wire frame

We create sitemaps based on the needs and wants of the users and business. With help of the wire frame we bring fluid userflow and business objectives together. 

Testing the


In some cases certain innovative interactions and effects are being tested with a prototype, to iteratively design smooth interactions and actively prevent negative experiences.

Designing the


The process of designing and developing the website is closely linked to the brand guide book and strategy to ensure an experience that is cohorent with all the other brand touchpoints.

Testing the user


Testing (and improving) customer journey and experience to give the customer a better, frictionless and pleasent digital journey so you can improve your ROI.



resulting in effective brand strategy

Helping you clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your target audience and build your identity.

Before any design starts, there needs to be a clear goal to achieve, a clear target audience to connect with, a clear impression the brand and/or company wants to give. Without clarity the design will just look pretty and achieve no goal. A good discovery session that leads to an effective strategy will make sure you can align everything properly and have an actionplan to take your brand to worldclass level!



resulting in beautifull brand identity design

Designing to connect and inspire people.

Each part of the brand creates an impression and is a clue that tells the viewers what to expect. Branding is about showing who you are and what you stand for visually and attracting your target audience. With a great brand you can bind customers to your company! Vaurelion is all about achieving results through design, we translate the brand and creative strategy to an inspiring brand design.

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