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What we do

We create effective strategies and design breathtaking (cinematic) experiences to connect people with your ideas, brands and films.

We produce

short and feature length motion pictures.

High concept movies with thought provoking stories, mostly told with the non-linear and thrilling style of director Hakim Amir to create breath taking experiences in the genres mystery, thriller, action, horror, drama.

We work directly

for brands and companies, creating cinematic videos.

Strategy + concept + film production

We support

film productions with their visual expression.

(Conceptual) art work like movie posters, title design etc. + digital like website, presskit etc. + color grade



resulting in effective brand strategy

Helping you clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your target audience and build your identity.

Before any design starts, there needs to be a clear goal to achieve, a clear target audience to connect with, a clear impression the brand and/or company wants to give. Without clarity the design will just look pretty and achieve no goal. A good discovery session that leads to an effective strategy will make sure you can align everything properly and have an actionplan to take your brand to worldclass level!



resulting in beautifull brand identity design

Designing to connect and inspire people.

Each part of the brand creates an impression and is a clue that tells the viewers what to expect. Branding is about showing who you are and what you stand for visually and attracting your target audience. With a great brand you can bind customers to your company! Vaurelion is all about achieving results through design, we translate the brand and creative strategy to an inspiring brand design.


web design

creating smooth impactfull experiences worth having and sharing.

With a clear understanding of the target audience through the brand strategy, a website can be designed that is in line with both your goals and the goals of the target audience. Because the ux web design is geared to the target audience, they have a smooth web experience, with less bounce rates and a higher conversion rate as a result. With a the strategy in place, we can design meaningfull onine experiences for your target audience.

Combining strategy.

With execution.

In order to win!


‘It’s not about the end-products, it about the positive lasting effect
it can have on the business’ – Hakim Amir

Experiences worth having, are worth sharing!

We design experiences that exceed expectations

and delights your target audience.

Giving the best experiences and connecting with your audience

gives your business a sustainable future.

Vaurelion was founded with the purpose of helping medium to big brands and companies create breathtaking experiences.

We partner up with our clients to learn about their strengths, weaknesses, mission, vision and values.

All in order to help them clarify their identity, market positioning and target audience, so we can design for results.

We believe strategy should determine design and that it is the only way to achieve real measurable results and have a lasting positive impact.

Vaurelion is a flex strategy design agency based in Holland.

Brand Strategy + Experience Design = lasting positive impact

Ready to work together?

We will answer as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us for all your questions, we love to help!


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